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2125 Every summer my life takes on a new purpose, and all year I look forward to this transformation. I emerge from my home office and from my roles at other events, and voyage out into the world, across the U.S. and into Canada to support the vision of the Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival.

Each festival has its own flavor. In Vermont, we wake in a sleepy mountain town nestled in green, rolling hills. In Colorado, we find families enjoying everything the mountain has to offer during hot summer days in the Rockies. At Squaw, we land adjacent to a magical canyon, amongst tall peaks, under startling blue skies, with yogis and Tahoe locals. And in Whistler, we offer a unique addition to the already bustling life of one of the most gorgeous and busy summer ski towns, dodging adrenaline-seeking mountain bikers.

2124 What we bring to these towns is something truly unique. Wanderlust vibrates at a higher level than many gatherings, especially that of a traditional music festival, the realm from which I come. The combination of soulful yoga classes coupled with deep musical offerings, speakers, films, hikes and meditations is unmatched. Wanderlust’s films share how we can become better connected and true to our purpose, the hikes explore the surrounding mountains intimately and quietly, the guided meditations help get grounded and see clearly within, and the music soothes and ignites the urge to dance and be free. The energy that rises with the hours of each day flows up and down the village paths, swirling around the yogis emerging from class. As our staff tends to what we have built and makes sure the festival is flowing, we all support a launching of the spirit that is palpable.

2126 The energy begins and ends with the staff, but during the core days it’s the caring and inspired individuals who choose to spend four days relishing in nature and yoga who create the festival vibe. The group of individuals that allow Wanderlust to take shape are an infinitely creative and dedicated group. Each member’s passions and talents intermingle to bring to life an event that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. We enjoy working together, making sure that each detail is right, and relish in the time spent alongside people that we respect and find joy in supporting. And in our off moments, we enjoy the camaraderie of a group of people we would choose to be with, even if we weren’t prescribed to them. The crew of Wanderlust is a “Dream Team,” and what we achieve working tirelessly together brings tears to my eyes.

2127 One particular moment at Whistler last year stands out. I finally left the production office, which is my home during the events, as I play the role of supporting our team as the Production Office Manager. It was my birthday and our talented décor team had placed a beautiful alter on my desk with a bouquet of flowers and a sign that read, “Happy Birthday!” On the side facing the office entrance it said, “It’s her birthday.” The day was full of duties that required multi-tasking and certainly stretching my capabilities. It was also full of kind words from our staff and love from strangers alike.

2129 By the time I left, I was spent. I slipped back to my room and let the emotions I was feeling flow out in a small river of tears. I then quickly put on my yoga clothes, grabbed my mat and hurried across the village to catch a magical happening in Whistler’s grand Olympic Plaza. Seane Corn and Michael Franti were collaborating on a yoga and music practice, free to anyone who arrived. I laid down my mat in the front and joined in. As the residue of the day left me, the awe-inspiring energy of practicing amongst more than 500 entered my being. The vibrations from our collective joy traveled over the grass and across the pavement as we moved our bodies under the sun’s rays. My face beamed and tears of joy flowed under my closed lids as I soaked in the beauty of Wanderlust, the moment, and what I worked to create. This was the ultimate reward - knowing that my efforts helped bring to fruition this moment not only for myself, but for all of those around me.

2128 I live in the pursuit of creating events that draw together people with common interests and passions to share space and energy. Wanderlust is an absolutely amazing manifestation of this. The resulting shift is entirely tangible and makes what I do one of the most fulfilling jobs I can imagine. And as Wanderlust expands, bringing this energy to more places around the world, I wish to expand with it as well and fill my days with Wanderlust. I want to live a Wanderlife…



2130 ~Aly Constine is the Wanderlust Production Office Manager at our summer festivals. Without Aly, the staff wouldn't be able to do their jobs!  Aly organizes the staff transportation, ensures all office needs are met onsite, supports the production and operations teams with the necessary supplies, and communicates important messages to our entire staff during the event.  We are grateful to Aly for making sure that the Wanderlust staff has everything they need to bring Wanderlust to life!

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