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Posted by admin on 1/2/14 in Mindfulness

2420 The first time I decided that I needed to go cold turkey from New Year's resolutions, it was because my New Year's resolutions were plain ‘ol boring. Like, "I’d rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp object than do that" kind of boring. You know the ones I’m talking about… the monotonous reiteration of the stuff I should be doing all year, so maybe if I throw a resolution at it then I’ll actually do it, kind of thing. And after the umpteenth year in a row of making the same resolution, it was safe to say that had the resolution actually done the trick the prior year, then I wouldn’t be making the same resolution the following year. So, I resolved to not resolve to do anything boring ever again.

Cold. Turkey.

2417 This year, I’m going cold turkey from New Year's resolutions because after I realized that my New Year's resolutions were boring, I promptly recalibrated my approach to the subject. And this time the intervention is necessary, because my New Year's resolutions are plain ‘ol dangerous. Like, "You might lose everything, you’re risking your reputation, someone could actually die" kind of dangerous. You know the ones I’m talking about… the high risk behavior of starting a business, swimming with sharks, bailing out of marriage, starting a second business, and skydiving kind of thing. And while these years have ranked as some of the best years of my life, my adrenals could probably use an extended savasana. So, I resolve to not do anything dangerous this year. Instead I’ll happily take some lazy beach days complete with day drinking and afternoon naps.

Cold. Turkey. (Maybe.)

2419 ~ Kimberly Moon is Wanderlust's Director of Teacher Training & Studios and is responsible for overseeing all of the nuts and bolts of our newly-launched teacher training program and the Wanderlust yoga studios. Her passions include trouble-making, risk-taking, laughing until blue in the face.

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