WLHQ: Choosing to Wander

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Cover Photo by Tobias Brunner, Yogaralls by Erica Tess.

1880 To wander or not to wander? A question that I have asked myself many times, starting early on when society embedded into my head that to “wander” meant to be “aimless” and that to be aimless meant to be lost and hopeless. 

I was raised to believe, like many of my peers, that the path of life is linear. That my purpose was to find my true calling before the end of high school and go to a college that would ensure I could get a job upon graduation. Once the good ol’ college days are over, “the best days of your life”, I was supposed to find a career that suited me and to reach the top only by starting at the bottom.

1881 In line with what I thought would make me feel important, impactful and relevant, I went to college before I knew what I was passionate about and “filled the square” of earning a degree. Afterwards, I bounced around a few 9-5s that brought me a limited sense of adventure, completing daily tasks simply because I had the brainpower to be efficient.

Joining the workforce confirmed what I already knew, I don’t know anything and that is perfectly alright. Every fiber of my being started fighting me to take a bold step and go against my engrained beliefs of career building. Exactly one year in, I quit my job and decided, officially, to wander.

1882 Throughout the next year I choose to take random odd jobs that allowed me flexibility and interaction. Life became easy and fun and for the first time, the lack of pressures and obligations allowed me to open up to who I was and what really made me tick. The more I wandered, the more I tuned in and explored what was there.

Eventually I moved from the mountains of my heart to pursue the city of dreams. 

After months of career hunting, I started to lose steam. During this crucial time, I found myself wandering yet again and wandered straight into The Kula Yoga Project, allured by the sound of “OM”. I knew immediately that this was an essential piece of my puzzle and watched as the yoga community I so desperately sought came to life. 

1884 Three days before I was determined to pack my bags and go home with my tail tucked between my legs, Schuyler Grant told me, “Put yourself where your heart is.” And although I didn’t know how I could possibly do that and afford to live in NYC at the same time, I walked into the Wanderlust Festival headquarters with my heart on my sleeve and nothing left to lose. Shortly there after, the chaos of my world began to fall into place. The more I followed my heart, the more life began to flow and I found myself exactly where I was supposed to be.  

Trying to decide whether or not to wander, has taught me that to “wander” means to be “free” and to be free means to be life and wisdom. The answer, most definitely, is to wander because that is the only way to get to where you are going.


1883 ~Lindstrom is from Evergreen, Colorado and is currently living out of her suitcase with Wanderlust. In her spare time she likes to read, teach yoga to friends, and drink fancy Brooklyn cappuccinos. She will be in NYC this fall pursuing her dreams of building community and engaging others in mindful living. Follow her journey at www.gldmne.com or on instagram.

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