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Cover Photo by Ali Kaukas

2097 This summer I had a chance to join in on the Wanderlust magic, embarking on a journey that allowed me to grow and experience more than I could have ever imagined. I quit my corporate job in Boston in order to dedicate my time and skills to the Wanderlust team, helping the Operations Manager and the Production Manager.

As part of Operations, it’s my job to make sure the actual festival is physically constructed. My team is first to get to each location to make sure all the provisions from sponsors are distributed accordingly and that the spaces are ready to go up.

2096 My team built the Lululemon D’Om and put up all signage and totems that orient festival-goers around the village. I will never forget how heavy the brown bases and poles were for the signage totems. Adding the couplers and yellow signs that pointed to the different locations was not easy! We had a few incidents where people at Squaw and Whistler would turn them around. It got messy, but that was when a couple of yogis offered to keep an eye on the signs and helped me reverse them. Sometimes the strength of the Wanderlust community comes through the most during difficult times.

Another task of our team is to put up the main stage, AKA “the Greatest Place,” with help from the Production team. This includes the stage, props, speakers, and lights. We also create the “yoga studios” out of the rooms provided by the village for us to organize the yoga classes – filling them with lights, speakers, and all of the décor that makes them come to life. Those rooms are completely empty when we show up!

2098 As everyone gets pumped to get their yoga on with their favorite teachers, I make sure all of the microphones and lighting are ready to go in the studio spaces. This was special because I met so many incredible teachers and assisted them with all their audio needs. This includes making sure there’s no feedback, or echo, and that the right gears are ready for teachers to incorporate live music into the mix.

I am so lucky to work with amazing and talented friends. One time in Copper, I was completely frazzled running around between four rooms. I was overwhelmed with a three-piece band pop up, cables, gear, microphones, batteries, etc. My teammate noticed how frazzled I was and took over for that hour, insisting I drop into the class. Even though yoga is not my strength, the class allowed me to relax and tackle the rest of the day with clarity.

2099 Despite the load-in craziness, when the doors open to the public, you can feel the strong and vibrant energy in the air and take pride in knowing it’s all happening because of your hard work. Four Wanderlust events under my belt and I am yearning for many more! I can’t wait for another round around the sun until next season kicks off…but until then – NAMASTE.


2100 ~Silvia Lazala is our only female on the Ops crew, and though she may be small, she sure is strong! You might have seen her running around one of our summer festivals on her walkie talkie or lifting something heavy, but always with a smile on her face! Wanderlust is grateful for Silvia's hard work and her contagious positive energy.

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