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Cover Photo by Ali Kaukas

1845 It’s about Connection

Wander as we will, there is one place we always call home. We are all citizens of Planet Earth, and we each have a responsibility to protect and preserve our precious home and to honor and respect our dear Mother.  For many who attend Wanderlust, the weekend is a welcome opportunity to connect-with our higher selves, with each other and with nature.  Wanderlust has made great efforts to facilitate such ”GreenLust” , so let us celebrate Earth’s immeasurable abundance and learn how we may better serve her. 

1843 Waste Not, Want Not

Once we are here and connecting with nature, how do we show our gratitude? Even well-intentioned events like Wanderlust do mean an influx of people into natural areas. So Wanderlust, with partners like ZeroHero and CamelBak, works hard to minimize the event’s ecological impact.  Water refill stations replace single use water bottles (refill stations proudly tout how man such bottles have been saved…1000s for each event) and all waste receptacles are separated into Trash, Recycling and Compost, keeping 80 to 90% of the festival’s waste out of landfills.  In addition, Wanderlust offsets their carbon emissions through ZeroHero and offered participants the chance to offset their carbon emissions from travel with a $6 donation to Green Mountain Energy.

Wanderlust also makes it easier for each wanderer to honor both their own temple, and that of Mother Earth, by providing sustainable and organic food options. Local food is used whenever possible, and even when local is not available, all food purchased is organic and sustainably harvested. All products used to serve food are either recyclable or compostable, and Wanderlust partners with vendors who are similarly committed to sustainability. Even the installation art on hand utilizes upcycled and natural materials, offering a model of creativity and sustainability.

Each One Teach One1841

The final component in the GreenLust equation is education.  Volunteers who staff the water and waste stations are trained to inform participants of the positive impacts of these efforts, and to help people sort their waste. In addition, a variety of SpeakEasy talks touch on ecological issues, ranging from community gardens and a forum on food, to lessons learned from the natural world, to how societal, ecological and personal healing are intertwined. (see links below)

Wherever your Wanderlust carries you, may your GreenLust follow!


1840 KT Biaz is a photojournalist based in Colorado, and an anthropologist of transformational culture. Hailing from the East coast, KT chose to make the Rockies her home after finishing grad school, drawn by the majestic beauty of the mountains, the burgeoning CO cultural scene, and the creative community she now calls family. A  lifelong traveler and seeker, she has a Spanish phrase which translates "wander without direction" tattooed on her foot.

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