WLCO: Finding Bliss in a Fortress of Solitude

Posted by Guest Scribe on 7/7/13 in Mindfulness

1859 Our time at Copper Mountain thus far has been truly amazing, but in an attempt to try do all the classes we could, gather inspiration from all the wealth of knowledge that is available to participants of the festival, and dance under the moonlight to the the sweet DJ beats, by Saturday afternoon, we were feeling a little burnt out.

Inspired by Eion Finn's Blissology principle, that happiness is love and that love is nature, we decided to take a break from all the wonder of the festival activities and head to the top of the mountain. To take an hour to soak in all the beauty and love that is Copper Mountain.

1861 Riding up a chairlift in the summer was a new experience. We rode in silence, taking it all in: the lush greenery of the trees; the bustling village behind us; mountain bikers carefully maneuvering down the mountain; and lovers tucked away underneath a shady tree.

1862 At the top, we found exactly what we were hoping for in this trip up the hill.  There before us was a fortress of solitude with an incredible view, sitting perched at the top of mountain. We couldn't  resist unrolling our mats, flowing through some of our favourite postures, and sitting in silence with our journals, documenting our experiences and learnings from this experience.

1863 In Rolf Gates's speakeasy Hitting What you Aim At, he spoke of writing your vision for your life, and sending it out into the world, without wondering about the “how” it will come it be. This blissful moment in our fortress of solitude atop this majestic Colorado mountain was just the place to create this vision and set it out into the world. In doing so, we were overcome with feeling of completion, of gratitude for this Festival and the ripple effect of personal growth that is sure to come from it all.

So to the readers of this blog and the attendees of any Wanderlust festival, weather in Colorado, O'ahu, or Mont Tremblant, take from our experience and create a moment for yourself to get out and into nature surrounding the festival activities. Take a moment to write and to reflect on this experience. 


1839 ~Monique + Rachelle are the editors of Prairie Yogi Magazine, an online yoga and lifestyle publication. The pair have traveled from Winnipeg, Canada to represent the prairie yoga community in Colorado, celebrating their first Wanderlust Festival. Passionate about yoga, photography, and exploring new places, these prairie yogis bring light and inspiration to everything they do. Follow them on Instagram @prairieyogi and twitter @prairieyogimag to experience #WLCO through their eyes, and be sure to check them out at www.prairieyogimagazine.com.

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