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Cover Photo by Abby Sasser.

1876 At Wanderlust Colorado last Friday, our Farm-to-Table dinner featured some foreign flavor, thanks to a partnership with ONE and celebrity chef (and ONE supporter) Hugh Acheson.  With the theme of the evening being healthy food for everyONE, 250 people came together to have a mouth-watering dinner prepared by an amazing chef and learn about ONE’s Global Food Revolution campaign.

1873 The meal highlighted nutritious ingredients commonly found in an African diet, like sweet potatoes, okra, and beets.  The superstar of the night was the tomato soup, which had a chilled creamy consistency thanks to Greek yogurt, and surprising delights of morsels of watermelon meat and its sweet rind!

In their blog post to recap the evening, ONE reminds us,  “Inadequate nutrition continues to devastate children and families in Africa, but introducing bio-fortified ingredients — like the orange-fleshed sweet potato, which is high in vitamin A – into the diet can help make a change.”1874

ONE is a grassroots campaign of more than 3 million people committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases.  They are an especially unique organization because instead of asking for donations, their goal to is spread information. 

Read here for more information on Wanderlust’s collaboration with ONE on our Farm-to-Table, and to learn about the admirable aim of ONE, check out their website and sign up to be part of the movement here


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