WLCO: Dr. Hyman asks, "Are You Ready for Farmageddon?"

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Wanderlust Colorado has had the great fortune of having Dr. Mark Hyman as one of its keynote speakers for their Speakeasy lecture series. With his 6 New York Times Best-Selling books, Dr. Hyman is clearly passionate about his work and dedicated to educating people about the dangers of what he calls “diabesity”.

1848 Dr. Hyman is a holistic doctor and an extraordinary advocate for reframing “how we think about why we get sick, and how to get better.” He said the reason we need to do this is because modern Western medicine is not about healing the person, but instead, treating the disease.

When you look at the statistics, and the increasing diabesity-related epidemics in America—with no end in sight if we continue on our current path—it would seem prudent to re-think our current approach, wouldn’t it?

1851 According to Dr. Hyman:

* annual spending on “healthcare” in America is $47 trillion, which is greater than the GDP of the six largest countries, combined.

* the NIH, or National Institute of Health, spends $800 million each year on obesity research.

* the number of diabetic and pre-diabetic teens in America increased from one in ten in 2000 to one in four in 2008.

Dr. Hyman explained how the food we eat is basically killing us, but if we change our approach to eating, it also has the potential to heal us. He described the vast processed and chemical-laden foods most Americans eat as “Frankenfoods”; they’re not quite food, but instead more like chemical experiments turned into food-like substances. I don’t know about you, but I have NO desire to be a guinea pig for that horrible experiment! Yet millions of Americans willingly are doing exactly that.

We would be better off if we used science to create health instead of replacing our food supply with toxic, and ultimately deadly, substances. We should think of our grocery store, he explained, as our “farmacy”, and eat foods which will support health and wellness so we do not have to go to the other pharmacy to treat the disease(s) we will get if we do not.

1849 After describing this sad state of affairs, and detailing the dangers of the “four hormones of the apocalypse”, and “farmageddon”, Dr. Hyman explained there is a way out of this. We need to start by saying no to foods with a barcode. We need to focus our eating on foods rich in phytonutrients which will nourish us and heal our bodies. Our primary focus should be on eating vegetables and fruits, foods that contain energy, vitamins, and minerals, and if we eat meat, it should be considered a condiment consumed in very small amounts, and certainly not the center of a dish.

It excites me beyond words when a doctor takes a step back from the traditional approach to “modern” medicine and acknowledges there may be a better way. Dr. Hyman did not disappoint, and undoubtedly inspired many to commit to a healthier way of eating and living.  Everyone could benefit from reading Dr. Hyman’s newest books, The Blood Sugar Solution and The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook, both available on his website.


1850 ~ Jennifer Spesia is a fifth-year Psychology doctoral student, a yoga teacher, an owner of YoCo: The Yoga Collective in Denver, Colorado, and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa). She is a seeker, a philosopher, a vagabond, a practitioner of Eastern traditions, and a human companion to three amazing dogs.  She is inspired to be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem by contributing to healing and wellness through her work in psychotherapy and yoga. 

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