WLCO: All Roads Lead to d'Om

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Cover Photo by Sasha Juliard

1864 It's the meeting point, the epicentre, and the heart of Wanderlust Colorado. lululemon's d'Om is the puffy white sphere nestled in Copper Mountain, where there always seems to resemble a beehive of activity.

1865 In the d'Om, festival attendees gather to find all that is Wanderlust: bliss; beauty; and community. Depending on the time of day you pop by, the d'Om could be a place to pick up custom Wanderlust crops by lululemon for class, an evening cocktail party, a space to chill, or an acro yoga show.

1866 A sprawling and ever-evolving shrine sits at the foot of the d'Om, welcoming everyone who enters. Created by Scott OKeefe, he weaves found objects with spiritual deities, and encourages passersby to participate in the work’s evolution. From morning till night, music spills from the sphere inviting yogis-in-passing to shimmy in their yoga tights.

1867 DJs sit perched, meditation-style, in the center of the d'Om, spinning all types of music, giving a big city vibe to the serenity of the mountains. Yoga slackers have set up their tightropes nearby, where anyone can hop on and try their hand (or foot) at yoga slack-lining.

1868 Our favourite part of the d'Om is definitely the Vision Mobile, inspired by lululemon's goal-setting methodology, where people have written down their goals and aspirations and clasp them to swaying strings with clothes pins. Not sure how to write a smart goal? Just ask one of the friendly lululemon educators working in the d'Om for some tips on goal setting and creating your vision. Creating community while helping to manifest visions: the d'Om is the home base for Wanderlust Colorado.



1839 ~Monique + Rachelle are the editors of Prairie Yogi Magazine, an online yoga and lifestyle publication. The pair have traveled from Winnipeg, Canada to represent the prairie yoga community in Colorado, celebrating their first Wanderlust Festival. Passionate about yoga, photography, and exploring new places, these prairie yogis bring light and inspiration to everything they do. Follow them on Instagram @prairieyogi and twitter @prairieyogimag to experience #WLCO through their eyes, and be sure to check them out at www.prairieyogimagazine.com.

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