WLCA: Why Wanderlust? An Inner & Outer Journey

Posted by Guest Scribe on 7/19/13 in Adventure

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1924 I got up at the crack of dawn to catch my flight to San Francisco, where I would then connect to Reno and take a shuttle to Squaw Valley. After both of my flights were delayed, I thought that I would never make it to the yoga Mecca that is Wanderlust, and spent most of my time sitting around daydreaming about what was to come. Miraculously, I made it to Reno and the shuttle to my hotel was right on time, and a group of us piled in to the creaking white van to head north into the mountains.

1926 On the shuttle with me were ladies from Chicago, New York, and Michigan, who had all traveled across the country to partake in the magic that is Wanderlust Festival. As I listened to them chat excitedly about their schedules, I marveled at the fact that we had come together from all walks of life on this shuttle to Squaw Valley. Aside from the amazing lineup of teachers and artists, the inspiring speakers, and the fantastic food, what is it that brings people from all over the country and abroad to a four-day celebration of yoga, music and nature?  Surely amazing teachers, inspiration and fantastic food can be found closer to home — so why Wanderlust?

1927 To me, the Wanderlust experience serves as a reminder of a global community that exists with a purpose and a vibration far greater than our individual selves. People of all different backgrounds — physical, ethnic, economic, age, spiritual — gather together and simply celebrate, in an atmosphere that is overwhelmingly positive and uplifting. It’s not just the classes with renowned teachers or the breathtaking views that we remember; rather, we come away with a strengthened sense of who we are, who we aspire to be, and who we are destined to become.

1928 The Wanderlust motto “Find Your True North” (#TrueNorth) captures this sentiment beautifully — it is through the act of wandering, discovery and adventure that we begin to find our way back home, to our most authentic selves. Sometimes we need to take some time to get away from our daily routine and indulge our souls with people and places that satiate our senses. When we take care of our inherent need for adventure — even for just a day or two — we can return to our homes and communities with a brighter twinkle in our eyes, more spring in our step, and a deeper commitment to teaching, practicing and living from the heart. 


1929 ~ Julia Lee is a Toronto-based yoga teacher, writer, life coach and Reiki healer whose mission is to help others light up their lives by tapping in to all of their boundless potential. Julia blogs regularly for DoYouYoga and KharmaKhare, and has also been featured in Elephant Journal. Find out more about Julia at www.julialee.ca, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @julialeeyoga.




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