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What would life be like if you had learned yoga as a child?

I know that my life has changed for the better since dedicating myself to a yoga practice. So, when I saw on Wanderlust’s activities that there was a new play center for children, I was so excited to learn more.

1957 Going by the name Wanderkind, Wanderlust has partnered with Yoginos, Yoga for Youth. A program that started in 2008 with the mission to teach children the joys that come with yoga like strength, flexibility, self-love, awareness, and grounding, they also help educate kids on being one with their highest self, their environment and their community. What an amazing gift to give to a child!

But best of all, they make yoga fun for the kids.

1958 Walking into the room where the youngsters hang out, it was obvious right away that there was some good times being had by the twenty or so kiddos. There was no crying or signs of sadness for being away from mom and dad. Instead, it was activities, stories, and playful yoga going on. Split into a few different groups so the children had a good ratio of one-to-one interaction with their adult caretaker, the activities ranged from making beaded necklaces to learning about Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and the embodiment of beauty. The yoga class was all about making the poses enjoyable and interesting for the kids.

1959 How do the caretakers know about such great stories and how to make it fun for youth? Well, that is the whole basis of Yoginos. Yoginos doesn’t just help kids connect with yoga; they also are an OMazing yoga school that brings together mindfulness and movement with art, music, games, stories and other sensory-focused activities. Helping to spread the benefits that yoga gives us, Yoginos does trainings, workshops and presentations all over the country.

What an opportunity for positive change that could ripple out into every community -- but it is also more localized.

Speaking to a mom that was just dropping her little girl off (who immediately took to playing with a doll with another cutie), it was obvious that Wanderkinds is great for all involved, mom too, “I love it! It’s so wonderful to be able to drop my girl off and know that she is learning skills that will help her in her future. But best of all I don’t have to worry about her while I’m doing yoga. I can be fully aware of the present and the class I’m in and know she’s having fun, too.”

~Shanie Matthews is a dedicated yogi and happiness advocate. She aspires to be the best person she can be while helping others do the samewith her website www.MyHappyPath.com.


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