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Cover Photo by Ali Kaukas

High Camp Heaven. There are no other words for it.

1941 Camping at High Camp for Wanderlust is a form of paradise. Looking out at the expansive view there is nothing but Mother Nature’s masterful natural art for as far as the eye can see. In one direction lies the blue jewel of the area, Lake Tahoe, her shades of blue shifting into cobalt then turquoise then periwinkle depending on the time of day and the way that the giant sun hits her. In another direction lie the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. A series of robust hillsides that hold thousands of miles of trails, granite walls to climb and excellent backcountry ski descents in the winter, these mountains give the perfect framing to a place that some lucky Wanderlusters are calling their home for the festival.

This is the first year that Wanderlust and Squaw Valley are offering an amazing opportunity to camp at High Camp at an elevation of 8,200 feet. But the views are definitely not where the fun stops.

High Camp is literally a plethora of fun. Here’s a sampling of the greatness…

  • 1942 A DJ pool party like no other. Wanderlust hosts an amazing party at the High Camp pool and hot tubs. While hot DJs spin booty shaking tunes, the people watching captures the eye at every turn. In a way it is like being at a yoga circus of beautiful people. On one end of the pool are the slack liners doing their incredible balancing act across people swimming. On another end are mouth-dropping adapt yogi ladies doing stunning poses in an inflated ball while handsome men push them around. Surrounding the aqua water are hoolahoopers galore and people enjoying themselves completely.
  • A yoga view that complements the practice. The view from High Camp may be one of the most beautiful in the world. Combine that with world class teachers leading heart-opening, inspiring classes and you have an experience never to be forgotten. Now interweave that with camping and you are already where you need to be to do an early morning class with the splendor of the Sierras.
  • 1943 Incredible hiking is out your back door (or tent shall we say). Hiking from High Camp gets you lofty views at 9,200 feet from Granite Peak within an hour or so. From there you can enjoy the nationally famous Pacific Crest Trail that goes for hundreds of miles. Campers have the opportunity to have quick access to these trails allowing for sunrise meditation hikes at their fingertips. Pretty incredible, right?

Camping at High Camp completely makes the experience at Wanderlust one with nature, while still getting to enjoy the pleasure of yoga community. Plus, Wanderlust is making this a camping adventure that you can put your own flare into as well. Wanderlust asked all campers to bring items like prayer flags or any other item that made their campsite feel more like a place of sanctuary.

1944 Michelle Liddle from Washington State decided to take the plunge as one of the inaugural campers, “This is so cool! Not only have I gotten to see sunrises and sunsets that can’t compare to anywhere else that I’ve camped, but I’m also surrounded by awesome people. I’ve made a ton of new friends just by getting to camp with other Wanderlusters. My personal yoga community is growing just by camping here.”

Like I said, it’s paradise in more ways than one. Great views, great people and great yoga, how can you beat that?



~Shanie Matthews is a dedicated yogi and happiness advocate. She aspires to be the best person she can be while helping others do the samewith her website www.MyHappyPath.com.

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