WL Vermont | "Folks this Ain't Normal"

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By Kate Lamie

Joel Salatin (you may recognize that name from the Food Inc documentary) wowed the crowd in the Speakeasy this morning. A passionate, farming advocate and third generation farmer himself, Joel talked about how out of touch our culture is with the fact that food comes from the land.

Here are 7 points I found super interesting:

1.) We've created a lot of food we can't physically metabolize, like TV dinners and products that contain HFCS and MSG.

2.) 30% of all food is eaten in automobiles in our culture. Whoa!!

3.) Grain used to be considered the holy grail of agriculture because of all the tillage required and the fact that it had to be hand sown. Today we try and expedite that process, and we lose enzymes when gentle fermentation practices are cut out, contributing to celiac disease and problems digesting gluten.

4.) When we think about the biodiesel needed to ship certain organic products to far away destinations or the cost to truck compost matter to processing stations sometimes the best intentions can't have the desired effect because we haven't brought the farm model close enough to home.

5.) We can't continue to segregate our food system. Our lawns can be used for farming; chickens can be right in our backyard.

6.) The weak link is participation! We need to find ways to get actively involved, and pointing the finger is not the answer. The best plan is to ask yourself how you can participate and challenge your current habits.

7.) Think about the planet when you purchase! Joel talks about the concept of ecological profits and losses to really drive the idea home.

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