Why Yoga Is Like Life Coaching via Elena Brower, Laurie Gerber, and The Huffington Post

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Yoga teaches us to live in the present moment. Yes. Certain schools of yoga posit that the present is the only reality, and all else is illusion -- yet our minds manufacture distracting "illusions" all the time. Our inner voices are constantly re-hashing situations, projecting, speculating, doubting. In yoga practice, we train the mind to soften and get more spacious via breathing, postures and awareness practices. Alas, we finish class and the talk is back -- worse, because now that we've practiced listening to the quiet, the inner dialogue seems more pronounced.

The question: What keeps those voices at bay for good? How can we truly take the practice into any situation and approach it all with real presence and true grace?

Life coaching offers supremely-useful tools to practice presence every single day, off or on your mat. The method that I have learned and now teach is like a vigorous flow class: It operates on several levels of our lives simultaneously. At the most basic level, this form of life coaching teaches "Personal Integrity" to all aspects of your being. From your heart, you'll dare to devise a dream. With your mind, you'll translate that dream into plans, and with your whole body, you'll execute.

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