Where does your Wanderlust take you?

Posted by admin on 1/3/13 in Adventure

You came to Wanderlust, but that was just the beginning of your journey. Perhaps you made new lifelong friends, maybe your musical mountaintop meditations led to new ideas that changed your life, or was it a speaker who sparked something deep inside you that hasn't faded?  If you have a story of adventure or transformation that began at Wanderlust Festival, we want to hear from you!

Send us a brief description of "Where your Wanderlust took you" to us at adventure @ wanderlustfestival.com, and we will be selecting the most inspiring and unique tales to share with our community.  Whether you joined one of our epic 4-day festivals in the mountains or you visited your local "Yoga In the City" event, we love stories of how travel, adventure, and new community are created.  We thrive on hearing how you came to embody new ways of being, practicing, and living.  We look forward, as always, to the revelations you share with us and can't wait to spread that inspiration a little wider.

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