Where Does Your Wanderlust Take You? a Wayfarer's Journey Part IV

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Being open to experience allows you the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time, and to receive the gifts that the universe has in store for you. I had told myself that this yoga road trip venture would not only be good for my personal practice - my heart and soul - but for my future as a yoga teacher as well.
2007 And so it happened that I would have the privilege of assisting some very talented well-established yoga teachers along my journey. In Vermont, at the first Wanderlust of this festival season, I met MC Yogi, Amanda Giacomini and DJ Drez. Since they, too, had also dedicated their summer to Wandering, I saw them at each stop on the Wanderlust circuit. I had attended their fun, flowing, musical classes before, but getting to participate in the assisting their teaching was participating on a whole other level.
It was a level I surely would not have reached if I had stayed at home and played it safe. There are always reasons we can think of to resist change, not remain stagnant and avoid stepping outside our comfort zones. Time and time again on this journey, I have learned that you can’t plan for amazing experiences, they just happen. All you can do is put yourself in the right places and hope that it’s the right time.
2008 At Yoga Union in Portland, and again at Om Culture in Seattle, and finally at Wanderlust Whistler I watched as enthusiastic talented yogis had their hearts and souls lifted by the classes and the music. I hadn’t taught all summer and I was reminded of how powerful a practice yoga is, how the energy in a room full of yogis is as tangible as the mats they are practicing on, and the way you pick up all those positive vibes and take them with you. MC and Amanda’s classes are called “Yoga Revolution: Love Is the Solution” and they are themed around this love: love to yourself, to your community, to your fellow yogi. And you leave with a goofy grin on your face, ready to give love to the world. I feel so incredibly blessed, yet again, to be on this journey, to have been given the support and found the courage to follow my heart and my dreams and do what I love.
There is a quote by Dogen Zenji that my friend and teacher Michael Stone taught me:
Life and death are of supreme importance. Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Each of us should strive to awaken. Awaken. Take heed, do not squander your life.
Do not squander your life. When something particularly awesome happens, like this whole trip, I think to myself, “YES! I am not squandering my life!” Don’t squander yours!
Join me for my last stop on the Wanderlust Summer Festival tour at Wanderlust Tremblant where I am leading three (bilingual!) Yoga-Hikes. Twice, at 8am on Saturday and Sunday, I will lead hikes with the gorgeous and talented Hannah Thiem, and one on Saturday afternoon at 2. See you on the mountain!



1812 ~Rivkah Rachel is embarking on a yoga roadtrip of a lifetime with a mission to attend all of the Wanderlust Festivals and practice yoga every day, in a new place. Rivkah has had Wanderlust her entire life, having had the good fortune to travel, live and practice all over the world. She recently took a break from her work in marketing and communications to study yoga full time and pursue her dreams. Rivkah is a nature-lover and DIY- enthusiast, she splits her time between Montreal and Ottawa with her faithful sidekick, Zorro. She dreams to open a nature retreat in the Laurentian Mountains. Follow her adventures www.lovebyriv.com @rivkahrachel on Twitter or @rivtopia on Instagram.

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