Where Does Your Wanderlust Take You? a Wayfarer's Journey Part III

Posted by Guest Scribe on 7/31/13 in Adventure

1995 Part of the luxury of travelling alone is being able to change your plans last minute and not having to consult anyone about it. When I decided to change my route to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon via Zion National Park, I didn’t tell anyone, I just did it.  Though not booking in advance has gotten me into some trouble, it has also served me well.

Zion was one of the highlights of my trip, and I literally stumbled upon it. Zion drew me in because of its name, but it seduced me by its beauty and challenges.

1996 Angel’s Landing is a hike with many warnings. After getting lost on my own in the desert in Arches, I decided to play it safe and venture only on reasonable hikes. Surprisingly, the older I get the more fear I have. I’ve found that on this journey of mine, I’ve encountered a lot of fear; fearful of being alone, of wild animals, of getting lost, of heights.

Angel’s Landing, therefore, was out of the question. You can take a peek at what it looks like here. Luckily, I didn’t see this video before I attempted the hike, because I definitely wouldn’t have done it.

The universe, in its ever-awesome ways, landed me next to neighbors at the campsite who were seasoned climbers, and they insisted I try Angel’s Landing with them. Nervously, I agreed.

The first part of the hike was ok. It was a steep uphill climb and a series of seemingly never-ending switchbacks. Then we arrived at a plateau, before the really scary part started. I tried to back down, but my new friends provided gentle and supportive encouragement, and continued to do so, every step of the way. I reached a safe perch (safe is relative when you are on a 2 foot wide cliff, 1400 feet above the ground) and considered stopping, but their gentle encouragement kept me moving.

1997 This was living in the moment like nothing else. I suddenly realized what daredevils and extreme sportsmen seek. There, on the top of that mountain, there was nothing besides each step, and each breath, moving steadily forward. I developed a meditative stance to my fear: there it was, I observed it, and let it pass. Here’s a much shakier video.

I have never been as proud of myself as I was at the top of that mountain. I felt so accomplished, so successful. Over this small, 4 hour climb. And to think, I almost let my fear stop me. 


1812 ~Rivkah Rachel is embarking on a yoga roadtrip of a lifetime with a mission to attend all of the Wanderlust Festivals and practice yoga every day, in a new place. Rivkah has had Wanderlust her entire life, having had the good fortune to travel, live and practice all over the world. She recently took a break from her work in marketing and communications to study yoga full time and pursue her dreams. Rivkah is a nature-lover and DIY- enthusiast, she splits her time between Montreal and Ottawa with her faithful sidekick, Zorro. She dreams to open a nature retreat in the Laurentian Mountains. Follow her adventureswww.lovebyriv.com @rivkahrachel on Twitter or @rivtopia on Instagram.


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