Where Does Your Wanderlust Take You? a Wayfarer's Journey Part II

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1894 I left Copper Mountain fulfilled, stretched both physically and mentally, and honestly quite eager to be on my own. It was beautiful to share Wanderlust with so many like-minded people, but part of this journey was to spend some time alone, and I needed to get on that.

The scenery changed as I left the Rockies and drove into the desert. It was spectacular.  Rock formations jutted out of the ground around me, engulfing the car, and the highway. The sheer size of everything reminded me of my insignificance in the grand scheme of the universe. I was told I had to stop in Grand Junction and see the National Monument, so that’s where I was headed. Once in Grand Junction, I followed signs to the monument. Googlemaps indicated it was 30 minutes from the main highway. I almost went back. An hour out of my way for a silly monument? 'What’s the hurry,' said my inner voice. As I neared the destination, I realized it was a park. It dawned on me that this monument was likely not of bronze. As I climbed the winding roads, it began to rain. 'Really?' I thought, 'How often does it rain in the desert that it has to rain on me!?' I continued ahead anyway, since the sun was still shining. My car struggled upward in protest. I stopped at a lookout and stepped out of the car. 'I can’t take photos,' grumbled my mind. 1895 The view took my breath away. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Tears rolled down my face, my eyes are moistening again as I reflect on the sight even now. I cannot describe the beauty of the sandy stones -- massive, rich with history and eroded with time, with valleys and the mountains peaked with snow in the distance. There, in the middle of it all was the largest rainbow I had ever seen. I stood there alone, smiling in the rain, tears running down my face. THIS is why it is raining, in the desert, for me.

The Universe, Destiny, G*d, whatever the forces they may be, knows what it is doing. This moment is such a beautiful reminder that everything happens for a reason I will cherish it always.


1812 ~Rivkah Rachel is embarking on a yoga roadtrip of a lifetime with a mission to attend all of the Wanderlust Festivals and practice yoga every day, in a new place. Rivkah has had Wanderlust her entire life, having had the good fortune to travel, live and practice all over the world. She recently took a break from her work in marketing and communications to study yoga full time and pursue her dreams. Rivkah is a nature-lover and DIY- enthusiast, she splits her time between Montreal and Ottawa with her faithful sidekick, Zorro. She dreams to open a nature retreat in the Laurentian Mountains. Follow her adventures www.lovebyriv.com @rivkahrachel on Twitter or @rivtopia on Instagram.

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