Where Does Your Wanderlust Take You? A Wayfarer Embarks on a Journey

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As I found myself coming into 2013, unemployed, penniless and single, but simultaneously exhilaratingly happy, I decided this would be the year of self-discovery. I felt it was a good time to hit the road in pursuit of my true north. It is serendipitous that the Wanderlust Festivals are scheduled to make a perfect roundtrip journey for me from Montreal: Vermont-Colorado-California-BC-Quebec.

1810 There's something I want to be mindful of as I set out on this seven-week road trip to Wanderlust: that I leave behind my expectations. My intention as I go into this adventure is try not to expect anything. To try to be really open to every moment and every experience. There are so many good experiences to be had, and so much knowledge and wisdom being shared. The same can be said for life in general.  Too often, I fill my head with expectations about the way things should be.

I’m going to let you in on a secret I learned at Wanderlust:

The way things are right now is exactly the way things should be.

You are exactly where you need to be right now.

1809 Intentions differ from expectations in that intentions are about your approach to a situation rather than what you hope to gain from it.

So, now that I have moved my expectations out of the way, without further ado, here are the intentions I am setting for my trip to Wanderlust, seeking my #truenorth on this #yogaroadtrip:  

Develop a solid daily practice:

We often talk about how difficult it is to integrate yoga into our daily lives, and when I was working full-time, I felt like I was always rushing to yoga class, or stressing out about not practicing enough. That feeling is not part of the practice. Being present: in the moment, and in your body, is. And that is a big part of what this trip is. Every day is a new day, and I want to practice in a each different place in a new way.

1811 Savor the present:

Humans have the amazing ability to adapt to our environment, which has ensured our success as a species. What we're not so great at is following our instincts and being anchored in the present moment. This isn’t about making the best out of situations, but really appreciating each situation as the best, and enjoying being in it while it is happening.

Learn to be alone and be fine:

I want to remind myself how much fun I can have on my own, and in meeting new people. We can find ourselves in unpleasant situations or relationships out of fear of being alone. There are many who really want to come to Wanderlust, but are afraid to come alone. Don’t be! There are tons of like-minded people there: your future friends, you just haven’t met them yet. They’re just like you: they love yoga and they love music and they love nature. I’m going to Wanderlust alone, and I am looking forward to meeting you there. 


1812 ~Rivkah Rachel is embarking on a yoga roadtrip of a lifetime with a mission to attend all of the Wanderlust Festivals and practice yoga every day, in a new place. Rivkah has had Wanderlust her entire life, having had the good fortune to travel, live and practice all over the world. She recently took a break from her work in marketing and communications to study yoga full time and pursue her dreams. Rivkah is a nature-lover and DIY- enthusiast, she splits her time between Montreal and Ottawa with her faithful sidekick, Zorro. She dreams to open a nature retreat in the Laurentian Mountains. Follow her adventures www.lovebyriv.com @rivkahrachel on Twitter or @rivtopia on Instagram.

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