Where Does Your Wanderlust Take You? Elle: Part 2

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There’s only one thing more frightening than riding a motorcycle on the cliffs of the Himalayas, and that’s life without cell phone reception. Let me qualify that this was no mere digital fast to see if I could exist without cellular communication, as yogis often attempt.  It was true fear when, after arriving in India for this adventure that would see me motor my way through the highest passes in India, my painfully exhausted driver pulled over into a pitch black ditch in the middle of nowhere, “to take a nap.” I felt terrified to suddenly become so anonymous and unconnected.

1344 I was still five hours away from Rishikesh and it was barely 2AM. That man’s poor overworked body needed a break, and my uncertain heart wouldn’t stop pounding.

When I did my research, Trip-Advisor never mentioned any such challenges as this. It would take every ounce of calm I could muster from my years of meditation practice to search for a way to be okay with the present moment. That moment, which came within my first hour of arrival in India, would be one that I’d return to again and again for the next 31 days to restore my calm mind.

“Who shall you serve, Trust? Or Fear?” my spirit asked.


This wasn’t posed as a question about personal development theory. And there were no chanting vibrations to hold on to. I wasn’t yet in the final film version of this journey, looking back from a distance. 1350 No, this darkness, this stranded-ness, a seeming lack of location, was the part of the journey no anticipated itinerary could ever reveal.  

Just a few hours before, I was in London, thrilled to be catching my final flight to New Delhi.  And now I was wishing I could rewind all of my steps leading up to Wanderlust, because it was apparent that no one knew where I was really headed, and the scariest part was, I didn't either.

Here's a video of how I felt upon arrival at my hotel in Rishikesh:

Find out what happens next in Part Three of Elle's "Where Does Your Wanderlust Take You" blog series next Friday, Apr 19.

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1352 Elle Swan is a yogi just like you, who came to Wanderlust and had a transformational experience that set her on a whole new journey.  When she is not getting outside of her comfort zone by traveling to foriegn lands to ride motorcycles on epic adventures, she is a life coach and speaks all over the world teaching the benefits of rising above mediocre living. Her story and strategies have been featured on ABC, FOX, NBC, and PBS and in The Wall Street Journal. She is the author of several books including “Elle-evate: Change Your Life in 60 seconds or Less!” Learn more about her on her website and follow her adventures on Facebook, here

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