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Clarifying your intention is a powerful way to reliably invite “spirit” into life and yoga practice. I like to ask myself the question, “Why am I here?” What is it I am choosing in this moment?

2067 Think of the universe as a giant pool and you are dropping a pebble of thought in order to initiate a cosmic reverberation in order for something to bounce back. That's intention. It's deceptively simple, but as my father always said, the obvious is the most devious. And even though we may think we know what we want, when it comes time to verbalize our intention, we typically find ourselves strangely tongue-tied.

Discover what happens when you take a few moments before a class to listen to what brought you in to practice that day. At a minimum, proclaim it in your mind, state it quietly aoud, or even better, write it down. I see this small action as catalyzing the engine of the universe and allowing spirit to answer the call of your choice.

Throughout class, use your intention like a mnemonic rudder to keep your mental ship sailing straight – when things get a bit off-course ask yourself, “Why am I here?” and right away you'll have your answer.

2068 Defining your intention is a keystone act that empowers a perspective in which everything that occurs thereafter is a reverberation of your choice: the seed of which emanates from you, versus the alternative viewpoint that you are simply reacting to what happens to you. Once you have defined your choices, you have your hand on the wheel and you are steering the ship. Leave it undefined, and suddenly you're in a victim mentality.

In some ways, this is what it means to “wake up.” You awaken from the fog of separateness and instead recognize the interconnected quantum reality of our existence where your choices and consciousness absolutely matter and create influence.

2069 So before your next yoga experience, take a moment to first clear your energy, mind, heart, and define your intention. Experiment.

After that, just pay attention. Have a little patience and take heart that you now have your hand on the joystick of life – it's always been there all along – at least now you decided where you want to go.



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