Where Does Your Wanderlust Take You? East Forest Part I

Posted by admin on 8/15/13 in Inspiration

Cover Photo by Mark Grochowski

Imagine, hands on the piano keyboard, five hundred yogis in front of you, and no idea what you are about to play. 

Photo by Mark Grochowski

Playing music live for yoga classes presents unique challenges; terror and excitement often come in equal parts.  The yogic muse can (and should) take a teacher anywhere they spontaneously want to go and my role as a musician is to score that journey.

Live music in yoga is most definitely a risk.  Things can get too loud, too quiet, the sounds might collide with the teacher's inspiration, or even equipment can fail.  So why bother?  Because on the other side of that risk is a special alchemical ju ju that can only occur with live music.  And the key through that magical doorway is improvisation.

Photo by Karina Towers

Opening to improvisation is surrendering to creation and saying, “I am a channel – flow through me.”  Suddenly music in a yoga class has the potential to swirl and soar in an ephemeral dance that aims for a pinnacle where breath, posture, inspiration, and spirit all become one.  That can only happen when all of us – teacher, musician, and class – fully open ourselves to the calling of the moment.

Improvisation is an act of faith.  And it is a powerful gesture exclaiming:  that which flows through me is bigger than me.  Great yoga instructors often recognize the opportunity that presents itself when a live musician is paired up in their class.  They seize

Photo by Karina Towers

the richness of possibility and teach with a curiosity to discover how the music can inspire them and also how they might inspire the music.  It is a symbiotic dance – an experiment – and above all a celebration of the mystery. 

When a class is about to begin, and particularly when the teacher and musician are meeting for the first time, there is often a charge of anticipation in the air.  What's going to happen?  The answer is - anything.  The possibilities and endless and full of potential when we all enter the class with open hearts and open minds.

As a yogi, fully step into your own unknown.  With your own practice and energy explore your role as an agent of influence in your next yoga class that involves a live musician.  Join the dance of improvisation and see how you can help create the alchemy of sound and spirit.


2036 East Forest  is a unique musical project that aims to offer powerful tools and exceptional experiences that empower inner transformation and subsequently engender positive global change.  East Forest has been creating its visionary brand of melodic-ambient-hypno-shaman-pop since 2008 as well as leading meditative workshops, sound healings, and healing ceremonies around the world.  You can follow East Forest on Facebook or visit him in person accompanying classes at the upcoming Wanderlust Festival Mont-Tremblant.

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