What yoga teachers teach us about ourselves

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When creating the Wanderlust line-up, we take care to curate a list of inspiring and memorable instructors.  We strive to simultaneously bring you some of the biggest personalities in yoga worldwide along with a careful selection of some of the region's most well-respected teachers, giving you the chance to study with gifted teachers that you wouldn't find at your local studio.

It’s our goal to find teachers whose words and practice will stay with you, so that you’ll seek them out ~ on the internet, when they visit your town, or when you take the plunge to join them in an overseas retreat.  We want you to find the teacher that resonates with you and inspires you to elevate your practice.

1514 “The best teachers show us who we really are by holding up emotional mirrors,” says Shannon Kaiser in her recent piece for Mind Body Green.  It’s true; the most influential yoga teachers are those who challenge us and ultimately teach us about ourselves. 

Here are some techniques that Shannon learned from her favorite teacher, helping restore balance and health in her life:

Surrender to get back to me.

The idea of "surrendering" tends to get a bad rap these days. Connotations of giving up or throwing in the towel come to mind for many, but the type of surrender I'm talking about requires nothing more than being fully present and accepting 100% of where you are in your life. In yoga, we're challenged to pull deep into the moment and fully surrender to what is, not what we want think should be. This means that when you're feeling out of alignment, if you relax, release and surrender, the moment will pass and peace will prevail.

There is beauty in breakdown.1516

Our greatest struggles can be the catalyst to our life’s biggest successes. We have an opportunity to see our breakdowns as a rebuilding, regrouping and refocusing time.

Shannon gives other lessons she learned from her favorite teachers here

What teacher has given you kernels of wisdom that have found their way into your practice every time you step on the mat? What are those lessons?

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