What Every Yogi Should Read

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It's a highly subjective list, of course, but every time we host a discussion around 'Top Reads for Yogis', a few tried-and-true favorites come up time and time again.  Our friends at DoYouYoga.com have put together their top five, and we have to concur that this is a solid list of tomes to get your alignment and your practice in order.  


1313 Among their top five books that every yogi should read were B.K.S. Iyengar's 'Light on Yoga' (which DoYouYoga writer Beth Prystowski refers to as a "bible" of yoga) and 'Yoga Anatomy' by Leslie Kaminoff (which, for every post featured, provides information on the joint actions, what parts of the body are working, what is lengthening and what obstacles you may encounter).  Make sure you've read the other three on their top 5 list by checking out the rest of their picks right here.


1314 While we haven't put together our official reading list here at WLHQ, we can't help but think a top five from our corner would likely include the recent release from Elena Brower, 'Art of Attention', which at its core is a yoga book but is also so much more: a delight for the senses and an invitation to participate.  Want to explore the recommended reading that Shiva Rea has put together?  Check out her reads here

What books would you put in your top five? We want to hear in the comments below. 

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