Weekly Featured Employees: Maite and Rachel

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Maite was born in Venezuela, but has been living in Miami; “the city where the heat is on.” Just recently she followed her dreams North and joined our team as an Intern “in the city that never sleeps.” Since being here Maite has taken charge of the Wanderlust’s Street Teams, issuing credentials and the tying up of loose ends with a pretty little smile on her face. Since she’s been handling a lot of the work on the “Inside Out Project” she is especially excited to see all of that come into play at the festivals this year! Maite is a yogi with a passion for the outdoors and travelling which makes this dreamer a perfect fit here at Wanderlust. Check out some of Maite’s hopes, wishes & dreams…

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Introducing… Wanderlust’s Community Relations Manager! Rachel, more commonly known as “Drudi” started interning with Wanderlust back in 2010. About 6 months ago she decided to call it quits in Beantown to explore life in the Big Apple. This lovely little pixie keeps tabs on Wanderlust’s partnerships with yoga studios, and has the patience of a saint when it comes to customer service. Rachel is torn on which festival she is looking forward to most this year… will it be “the excitement of the unknown” at one of the new locations; Copper Mtn. or Whistler? Or the “comfort of home”? Born and raised in Reno, NV Rachel will have the pleasure of sharing the Squaw Valley festival with her friends and family! Only time will tell… In the meantime check out the bio Rachel whipped up for us, and good luck trying not to spend the rest of the day dreaming of the homemade granola she may also be whipping up.

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Nicole & Cat are two of a kind. While these two wonder seeking yogis are currently Denver-based, more often than not you’ll find them rolling up their travel Manduka’s and hitting the open road looking for adventure. Their mission is simple: to find beauty & bliss wherever they go. Their hope is to share with others their passionate views on a healthy lifestyle, love of the outdoors, and the importance of a meditation & yoga practice. It’s been said that many a day in Nicole & Cat’s shoes is a ‘perfect day'.

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