Weekly Featured Employees: Jodi and Lydia

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Let us introduce you to our very own Wanderseeker, Jodi. Jodi exudes passion; a passion for adventure, for exploration and for love. While at the office Jodi directs her passion towards her work, managing Wanderlust’s partnerships, but her real passion lies with her family. Her most favorable time is spent her son Marvin, a miniature Wanderseeker in the making. Jodi enjoys all the pleasures motherhood has to offer, the simple days of watching Marvin play soccer at the local field to the more adventurous travels of experiencing and exploring the fields of far off lands. Jodi loves meeting new people and learning what they are passionate about, and what passions they might share. Take a look to see what you can expect if your paths cross this festival season.

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Meet Lydia. Behind the scenes; Lydia is the hip little lady holding down all of Wanderlust’s Sponsorships. While, in front of the camera; Lydia is the hip little lady blowing your best jitterbug out of the water. Oh boy, is she a hoot! Count your lucky blessings that you’ll have the opportunity to meet this Wanderlust gem at one of the festivals this year! She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you cry, she’ll be the one looking awfully fly! You’ll pin her in a moment flat, she’ll be sporting vintage sunglasses, undoubtedly looking way cooler than you. Read a little more to help you pick Lydia out of the crowd and if that doesn’t help… double check the hot tub!   

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Nicole & Cat are two of a kind. While these two wonder seeking yogis are currently Denver-based, more often than not you’ll find them rolling up their travel Manduka’s and hitting the open road looking for adventure. Their mission is simple: to find beauty & bliss wherever they go. Their hope is to share with others their passionate views on a healthy lifestyle, love of the outdoors, and the importance of a meditation & yoga practice. It’s been said that many a day in Nicole & Cat’s shoes is a ‘perfect day'.


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