Weekly Featured Employees: Abbey and Megan

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This is Abbey, she’s got skillz! Abbey is not artsy fartsy, nor is she your typical New York starving artist. Abbey is cute, creative and crafty. She’s got nothing but talent in the art department, each and every morning she packs it in a brown paper bag and brings it to work with her. At Wanderlust Abbey is our art director, designing and creating art beyond your wildest dreams. She portrays her personality in her work resulting in beautiful, inspirational, ‘wanderfull’ pieces. When she is not creating art here at work she is creating it elsewhere. She lives her passion, as we all should. Abbey is looking forward to this season’s festivals to escape the inevitable chaos of big city life and enjoy that lax fresh mountain air. She inspires us… see what inspires her…


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Do you deem yourself a Carrie? A Miranda? A Samantha? A Charlotte? Or are you a Megan? Megan West, that is. Megan is the producer of Wanderlust’s ‘Yoga in the City’. Organizing these community-driven outdoor yoga events comes easily to Megan; she pulls them off flawlessly, and with a tune in her step. Come to think of it, Megan pulls of just about everything flawlessly, and with a tune in her step. She’s an attention grabber, and if it isn’t her striking good looks that captivate you, she’ll sing sweet nothings until no one and nothing else exists. Megan will be at this year’s festivals and you’ll pin her in no time she will be the sweetest girl living out her “teenage summer” as she tap dances to musical beats of Rihanna. Still don’t deem yourself a Megan? Read up!

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Nicole & Cat are two of a kind. While these two wonder seeking yogis are currently Denver-based, more often than not you’ll find them rolling up their travel Manduka’s and hitting the open road looking for adventure. Their mission is simple: to find beauty & bliss wherever they go. Their hope is to share with others their passionate views on a healthy lifestyle, love of the outdoors, and the importance of a meditation & yoga practice. It’s been said that many a day in Nicole & Cat’s shoes is a ‘perfect day'.

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