Water - The Daily Asana with Elena Brower, Episode 3

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Among the pines and peaks throughout Squaw valley, there are a number of alpine lakes and mountain streams to be discovered while exploring at Wanderlust. The 'Hoof it to Heaven' hike follows one of these creeks and pauses at a lake where one can reflect on the role water plays in our lives.

Think for a moment about those times when which you've felt tension in your body, when stress has grown within you to a palpable sensation manifesting itself in your shoulders or in the form of an ache or pain. Think of a time in your life when you've perhaps been a little short with someone or when worries put too much of a constraint on your own creative ideas or the ideas of someone else.

Now think of Water. The accomodating nature of water takes you from that state and leads you towards deep relaxation, letting go of the tight grip on things and allowing the flow to wash them from you. The  tollerance and sympathy of water brings currents together and mixes them in imaginative eddies that lead to emotional and inspirational togetherness. Take these healing properties of water into your heart today as you enjoy the beautiful scenery we share from Wanderlust 2010.

Watch Episode 3 of our brand new series, The Daily Asana with Elena Brower - presented by Wanderlust and Adidas, below. As you gear up for a day of new adventures, we hope you'll find some new meaning for your practice.


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