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Cover Photo: moby rocking. Photo by Shepard Fairey

For our third WanderTunes playlist, we have a mix from our big Colorado, California and Whistler headliner, moby!

Showcase, Paris July 2009

moby has been playing music since he was 9 years old, starting with classical guitar and studying music theory, and later joining several punk groups in his early teens.  He started DJing in college, becoming a fixture in late 80's New York house and hip hop scenes.

In 1991 he released his first 'go', which was listed as one of best records of all time by Rolling Stone.  He's been making albums ever since and has sold over 20,000,000 records worldwide!

photo by Doug Bruce

Currently he's touring in support of his most recent album, 'destroyed', as well as working closely with a variety of different charities, including the humane society and the institute for music and neurologic function.
We are super psyched to have moby returning to Wanderlust this summer and to enjoy both his DJ and acoustic talents.  

photo by Doug Bruce

His eclectic music background and tastes are vibrant in this playlist, with everything from  be heard in this playlist, with everything from digital delight Goldfrapp to rock ragers Led Zeppelin (whose musical catalog isn't on Spotify, but since we love the mighty Zep, we represented them in this playlist by Letz Zep & Led Zepagain).

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