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Today is the first in our new series of artist curated playlists to get you ready to rock at Wanderlust this summer. Look forward to new playlists created by our Wanderlust music-makers: the ones you'll find serenading you in your yoga classes, headlining the main stage, and delivering beats late night at the festival.

1507 East Forest is taking the stage at Wanderlust Colorado, California, and up in Whistler this summer, and we are thrilled to bring his other-wordly sounds to the Wanderlust community. He says, "This WanderTunes original playlist was created as a musical dive into the inner world. This is evocative emotional ju ju! Music that rides the lines between happy and sad in that ethereal middle world. The mix features various piano, strings, some use of field recordings, some work from a few different countries and songs both new and old."

Check out East Forest's playlist right here: 

WanderTunes by East Forest from WanderlustFestival on 8tracks Radio.

East Forest is a unique musical project that combines dreamy melodic soundscapes with ethereal vocals and 100% original field recordings to create a genre bending visionary listening experience. The "Shaman-pop" is a sonic red pill that humbly hopes to serve as a guide to help each of us rediscover a sense of self through an inner journey. Called both "phenomenal," (Elena Brower) and "blissful," (Robin Hilton, NPR), East Forest is offered as a gift and a gesture in the spirit of cooperation for the benefit of the human experience.

1508 East Forest originated as the solo identity of Trevor Oswalt (“Oswalt” translates from German to “East-Forest”). A self-described “reformed Eagle Scout” Trevor was raised amongst the evergreens of Oregon. His 2008 debut album “The Education Of The Individual Soul” was an uninterrupted fully connected auditory voyage down a rabbit hole of jungle monkeys, entheogenic messages, and pulsing beats. It has since been downloaded and utilized by people all over the world for a wide variety of uses. Over the years the project expanded widely into live performances ranging from traditional concerts, yoga events, epic sound healing ceremonies, and even performances at rustic farms and urban bathhouses. Four more full length releases ensued including the the most recent, "Love Bomb". East Forest also created music with Deepak Chopra for his "mind-body" video game, "Leela" (for which East Forest also served as a "spiritual advisor" on the project). East Forest continues to explore new avenues of sound, recordings, and creative collaborations.

Trevor currently lives in Portland, Oregon and travels wherever the sounds take him. Check out upcoming dates on his official website here

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