Wanderlust Wrap | California Day Three + Day Four Preview

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As the dawn brings a new day, we look to the sun to fill the Valley and our bodies with its warm embrace. We open our hearts to our Teachers, to guide us through delicate asanas and meditations. To our Presenters for ethereal enlightenment. To our Musicians, for good vibrations. And to our friends, new and old, to share a moment of bliss.

As you go throughout your day, we hope you have a chance to indulge, reflect, sweat and illuminate. Be sure to stop by the Ohm Shanti Tea Tent in Village Anusara for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony (free of charge). Gain new perspective on art through the interactiveinstallations sprinkled throughout VA. Or browse the boundless selection of hand crafted goods at the brand new Wanderlust Bazaar

Nibble on a variety of organic delights from The Food Co-Op. Or relax by the pool, 8,200 feet above the ground at High Camp. Then stop by the Grand Finale Fun at the Gaiam Tent (2pm) led by Sianna Sherman and music from DJ Drez. Lookout for special appearances by John Friend, Noah Maze, MC Yogi, AcroYogis, and many more. Then once classes wrap up around 3:30pm, we hope to see your shining faces at the Main Stage for one last dance with The MakePeace Brothers.

We leave you this morning, with a few photos and a words from our friend Deepak Chopra, "In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you." Stay light Wanderlusters!"

Check out some of our photos below taken by Tinywater and Mario Covic from day three and keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates throughout the day.

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