Wanderlust VT | Wanderlust Welcomes "Meaghan's Mobile Garden Project"

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By Ashlee Green

Meaghan Minogue, YogaSlacker and nomad from Stowe, Vermont, is currently traveling with her mobile greenhouse, called "Meaghan's Mobile Garden Project," a garden built into a gutted utility trailer hitched to her car.

Initially, the garden was meant as a food source for Minogue's fellow Yogaslacker trainees during a recent teacher training in Virginia, but it soon morphed into a mobile classroom for educating people on the importance of growing their own food. She stopped to share her greens and her story at this year's Wanderlust festival. 

Made from mostly donated efforts and materials, like soil from the Vermont Compost Company, the mobile garden contains mesclun greens, spinach, arugula, kale, chard, collards, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs,  and edible flowers.

"[The garden] was really about believing in my vision and sharing it with people. One thing that I've learned with creating visions is that you need people to help you, which means talking about it as much as possible. I did come up with a lot of fears and doubts, but my heart really trumped all of those, because I knew it was what I needed to do." 

With her Mobile Garden Project, Meaghan hopes to present a clear message: "This is my vision. This is my dream. What's yours?"

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