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By Ali Van Putten

You know the feeling.  You have a mosquito bite, than a nagging itch and consider scratching it even though you know it won't make it go away.  Now it's not just an itch but a why-can't-my-mind think-of-anything-else-but-scratching obsession, it's all consuming.  Finally you decide, ok I'm going to do it, but this time is going be the last.  Hmm, somehow though, it never ends up that way.  Sound all too familiar?
660 So was the theme of Lama Marut's discussion on "Living While Liberated" and his right-on analysis of how we can so easily get in our own way throughout life.  His mainstream interpretation of verses from the Ashktavakra Gita had everyone in the tent laughing, thinking and naturally reevaluating their everyday habits and patterns.

Wonder if you're scratching the itch of desire?  Taken from Lama Marut's wisdom, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you merrily rowing your boat?
"Row, row, row your boat..life is but a dream" you know the saying.  Lama Marut reminds us that if we want happiness and peace of mind, we need to view the attachments in our lives: money, property, houses, wives, gifts, like a dream that will only last for a finite amount of time.  Attach to anything that is changing, material things, labels about your self, your job, your car and you're asking for an identity crisis when things shift.  You're not the rower and you're not the boat, you're involved but not dependent, you recognize that you are separate from these things and because of that, well you're able to row merrily.

Are you thinking you need an IPhone upgrade?
Just when you get the latest version, the next best thing, you realize that there is a newer upgrade and now it seems that what one minute was good enough, just isn't going to cut it.  Lama Marut gave us the mantra,"OM, I have enough" which he clearly stated is not to be confused with the mantra, "OM, I will have enough when ____."  We move away from contentment when we start letting our possessions possess us and have expectations around what the material items in our life will provide for us.  

Are you the type to honk your horn in gridlock?
This was definitely a highlight and had the whole tent nodding and laughing.  You know the type, maybe it's sometimes even you, no one's moving but someone two cars back is laying on the horn, hoping as Lama Marut says "that the red sea will part and all the cars will move so the one honker can move through."  The point is we can't change the present moment, in the present.  Honking your horn in a traffic jam, has no effect.  We get too focused on changing now, instead of changing our reaction to now, to create a better future for ourselves and those around us.

So grab your oars, your IPhone 3 and get out of the traffic jam and start walking.  Turns out what you have today is enough, that you no longer have to be defined by the things or feelings in your life and that gridlock is just another chance to get you one step closer to enlightenment.  Welcome to a morning at Wanderlust.

Ali Van Putten is a blogger, yoga addict, lover of food, sunsets and laughter with a big appetite to bring balance to the lives of hardworking New Yorkers through her events company, Well Fed NYC. Check out www.chasingsunsets.me for more daily doses of inspiration.

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