Wanderlust VT | MC Yogi + Amanda - Ganesh: Remover of Obstacles

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By Jen Jones Kluczkowski

If you've been to a yoga class, chances are high you've heard MC Yogi's music.  It's fun, poetic, and profound all at the same time.  When I saw MC Yogi on the lineup, it was a no brainer.  And, a class about Ganesh taught with his wife, Amanda?  Amazing!

Many students waited anxiously to see what they had in store.  The weather was gorgeous as we took to our mats in the outdoor tent.  To start the class, they posed the questions, "Who lifts you up?  Who drags you down?"  They explained, that the answer is always you.  We learned that any obstacle can be removed when you go within and open yourself to love.  Then, the path becomes clear.  

The music they played throughout the class exceeded the high expectations I had going in.  At one point, we made a huge circle and danced around free-style.  It was truly beautiful to see everyone letting go and rocking out.

MC Yogi beat boxed as we chanted the Ganesh mantra to invoke the auspicious deity.  Words can't describe just how unique and amazing the experience was. That was followed an original poem on how the god came to have an elephant head.  Amanda tied it all together by explaining that we can all replace our head for an elephant head to have a "grander vision and fresh perspective when we run into obstacles".  The class was magical, insightful and a total blast!

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