Wanderlust VT | The Mantra of Samsara: I, Me, Mine with Kelly Morris

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Friday, 4:00pm

By Jenny Sansouci

I'll admit, before coming to this class I had no idea what the phrase "I, Me, Mine" was going to be about. My two yoga teacher friends were well aware of the concept, but I had a lot to learn - and I did! The class itself caused all of us to adapt to uncontrollable situations and form a deeper connection with unconditionally loving others. I know, bold statements, but read on.

Kelly began our class with a talk about what "I, Me, Mine" was referring to  - basically, how often are we talking about and thinking about ourselves? How often are we wondering "what will serve ME best?" All day long, we are making decisions based on ourselves. Kelly says that thinking this way leads to something always feeling amiss, something always feeling slightly wrong. Nothing is functioning optimally when we're only focused on ourselves. 

So what's the remedy for this spiral of self-obsession? Shifting our focus to helping others. Kelly says that as long as we're clear inside that we're acting for the benefit of others, and our intentions are good, the results will be good.

About 10 minutes into the class, we had an opportunity to practice this. A crazy rainstorm started, with a booming clap of thunder that shook the entire tent. We all evacuated immediately and ran inside to an empty room, where we set up our mats to continue the class. We found out that the DJ for the class, Phillip, had gotten an electric shock while unplugging his equipment. He seemed OK but definitely shaken up. For the rest of the class, Kelly instructed us all to dedicate our practices to him and send him unconditional love. Anytime we noticed that we were thinking about ourselves, we had to bring our attention back to sending healing love to Phillip. 

This suggestion, although it may seem like it wouldn't be so hard, was actually a real wake up call. I noticed my thoughts drifting back to my own life about every 30 seconds, and it took a lot of concentration to keep focusing my awareness on someone else. Of course, though, as soon as I shifted my attention back to sending healing love to another person, I felt so much better and more peaceful. 

It's true, as Kelly says -- "anytime you're confused about your own life, just look around for someone to help." 

The energy of our lives totally shifts when we focus on giving rather than getting. A good reminder for us all, and one I'll surely be putting in to practice much more often.

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