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By Amy Anselmo

"If we are living in the age of information, then what is it that we are being informed of?" 

Sore muscles may have inspired us a little, but for the sake of diversity, we attended some speakeasies today (lectures). 

The first, entitled "I Can Haz Meaning: How algorithms decide what we pay attention to, and what we can do about it" was with Eli Pariser, the founder of MoveOn.org and UpWorthy .

BTW-Haley chose the topic. Anyone who knows Haley and her friends, knows their affection (or affliction) for a certain website with a similar name. Ok, I maybe sometimes like to look at it too. We were warned that this lecture might be a little on the nerdy side, but naturally, I was ok with that, as I am a nerd wanna-be.
670 Back to the topic. Ok-I've always known in the back of my mind that Facebook was mainly building a file on us so they could sell something to us, or throw us under the bus someday, but it never worried me that much since I keep it all pretty legal. My political leanings are a bit to the Left of Left, but was that going to put me on some sort of a list? 

According to Eli-the answer is pretty much well....yes. 

But his overarching message was about not shutting it out, instead working toward a better system, where the internet is used to address giant problems (those global ones, like climate change) and using sites where we will be a little less thrown under the bus. Sorry Google and Facebook. Maybe this is a wakeup call. 

As a family, I am constantly thinking about these things. How are my children being marketed to and what will they have to deal with as this system evolves, turning into a veritable Godzilla. We don't have a TV by choice, but I don't think we're avoiding much by sticking our heads in the sand. Maybe it's time to take a stand.

Do check out Upworthy though. It sounds like, well, a digital revolution. Here here.

And here's a pretty purple barn to cheer you up.

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