Wanderlust VT | Kate Northrup - It's Spiritual To Be Rich

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Saturday, 2pm 
By Jenny Sansouci

As soon as I saw the name of Kate Northrup's talk, I knew I had to be in the audience. She's an incredible source of knowledge about creating financial freedom in a way that feels authentic. Kate mentioned at the beginning of the talk that a lot of people feel spirituality and material wealth don't go hand in hand, and many people in the audience spoke up saying they shared these beliefs. But, as Kate assured us, money is energy just like everything else. Quoting an African proverb, "As you pray, move your feet," she let us know that her goal for the talk was to help us "merge metaphysics and practicality" - meaning you can stick to your spiritual practice but also focus on your finances in a logical way to create more abundance. Awesome, right? 

"Financial awareness is associated with self care. Paying attention to our money is taking profoundly good care of ourselves," she said as she began the talk. Kate told us her story about not paying attention to her money for many years, getting into debt, and then finally beginning to create practices in her life that got her completely out of debt and into a life of financial freedom - in a way that actually feels pleasurable and aligned with her spiritual practice. 

Here are Kate's spiritually aligned financial awareness habits:  
1) Every morning after meditating, she checks her bank account balance and says "thank you" for what's there. 
2) She renamed her bills "invoices for blessings already received." 
3) She sets aside an hour on Friday mornings as "Financial Freedom Friday," where she pays her invoices for blessings already received and checks up on her expenses and income for the month. She does all of this with beautiful music playing, a candle lit and a nourishing beverage on hand, to make it feel that much more like self care. 

Kate also recommends getting a financial advisor that you actually like spending time with so the experience is enjoyable, putting your money in a local bank (she related that to eating local food), and focusing on where you can add more value to the world. She reminded us that turning up our own abundance allows us to use money to do more beautiful things that are good for the world. A super high vibe money talk - I think everyone in the room walked away feeling inspired!

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