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By Ali Van Putten

Well then, according to Ani DiFranco, "you're f*ckin up."  After two days of bending and twisting it was time for some rockin' and if there is anyone who knows how to get a tent full of yogis dancing, noodlin' and grooving  - it's her.  I don't know if she's a yogi herself, I'd error on the side of yes based on her ripped biceps and positive, yet real outlook on life.  Her lyrics speak to the connections that we work with on our mat - - our relationship to nature, ourselves and others and she keeps it real by analyzing the twisted situations and mental dramas we enjoy putting ourselves through day after day.
671 The most refreshing part about her perhaps, is not only her ability to keep it real, with just enough offensiveness to give her music edge but the courage of which she addresses the dark side.  The yoga world can sometimes seem to only shed light on the light - - we open our hearts, talk in terms of gratitude, love and try to smile, hug and push ourselves to be positive and radiant, no matter what life is throwing our way.  This is aspirational and important, but the greatest of teachers on and off the mat and those who seem to be able to reach the masses are the ones who keep it real.  They honor their humaness, they exude the light without apologizing for the dark.  This is Ani.  She seems to take a sledgehammer to the whole situation and crack a football size field hole in any subject matter to show the world the dark, the unpleasant and areas that are not so comfortable so that we can all feel connected, forgive ourselves for our shortcomings, all while having a good laugh and turning to each other to say "Did she really just go there?  Thank God, someone did."  She seems to understand that it's awareness to the dark that lets us shine brighter, not repression and denial in order to appear that we have it all together.

So cheers to Ani, for rocking out Wanderlust, keeping it real, saying f*ck onstage in an uplifting way and putting a chorus to the ups and downs that make up our life.

Ali Van Putten is a blogger, yoga addict, lover of food, sunsets and laughter with a big appetite to bring balance to the lives of hardworking New Yorkers through her events company, Well Fed NYC. Check out www.chasingsunsets.me for more daily doses of inspiration.

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