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Posted by admin on 6/23/12 in Uncategorized
By Kate Lamie

With so many inspiring, soul-shaking classes to choose from here at Wanderlust, it's hard to find time just to chill, walk around, see the artists performing and, well, wander.

It's pretty darn easy to race around trying to get to as many "can't-miss" classes as possible.

Today I tried to really slow it down and appreciate some of the pieces of the festival that aren't on a "schedule" like the Beauty Bar, a musical and acrobatic act outside the dome and Brooklyn's Green Pirate Juice tent.

I came to Wanderlust stressed out and worn down, and I realized that I really needed to appreciate everything in a more low-key way today.

Here's to chilling out. (in between all those killer classes led by yoga and healthy-living celebs)

A few pictures from along the way:
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