Wanderlust Vermont | Redefining Balance with The Yogaslackers

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3:30PM - Hoop. Spin Circle - The YogaSlackers
By Ashlee Green

Yogis eliminated their sense of "personal space" and flew to new heights—both literally and figuratively—in the YogaSlackers "Redefining Balance" class.

Beginners and experienced yogis alike were welcomed at the "slackasana" branded class—a mix of acrobatics, yoga and Slackline work. A playful celebration of body contact and mutual trust, "Redefining Balance" consisted of careful, guided warmups, thorough instruction and ample fun. 

Yogis learned to wake up areas of their bodies that are often forgotten, like the core and inner thighs, and were taught to rely on bone-to-bone "stacking" rather than muscle strength to "fly" partners—balance a partner's body weight with the strength of the legs and feet—and to perform yoga postures on a Slackline. Class finished with a ten-minute YogaSlackers style "conditioning" workout and yogis said they left feeling younger and lighter. 

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