Wanderlust Vermont | Mythic Yoga Lounge w/ MC Yogi & Amanda Giacomini

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1:00PM Manduka's Nest - MC Yogi & Amanda
By Ashlee Green

We all have drama in our lives. But according to MC Yogi (a.k.a. Nicholas Giacomini) and wife, Amanda, we create it for ourselves. When we tell our stories with others as the storytellers (i.e. "My ex-husband forced me into a divorce,") we ultimately give other people the leverage to direct our own lives. We are all living out our own mythic adventure, said MC Yogi and Amanda. Our job is to be aware of the stories we tell—to make sure we are manifesting our very own narrative—and to cultivate "high quality problems," or creative work and passions, that challenge us.

"Become the hero or heroine of your own life—or the villain, " said MC Yogi, "So we don't make the mistake of thinking the enemy is out there."

Mythic Yoga Lounge began as an inward journey of breath, body and life awareness and soon transformed into a lesson in Indian mythology. Yogis learned mantras and mudras to strengthen their practice and how to recognize and cultivate power and sacredness:

"The more we are comfortable with our light, the more comfortable we will be in any situation," said MC Yogi. "Get reacquainted with who you are, so wherever you are, whatever situation you're in, you can call on the support of the whole universe." 

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