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By Ashlee Green

After close to a week of nonstop yoga, party music, delicious food, beautiful sights and new friends, it is natural to feel down about leaving it all behind to head back home. Here are some tips to keep your Wanderlust alive:

1. Nurture Your Connections. Like-minded nomads can be tough to find at home. Use the contact information you exchanged with your favorite new friends at the festival to stay in touch. Become pen pals. Build a yoga-fied cross-country network!

2. Develop Your Personal Practice. Use the new skills and confidence you learned and gained as a jumping off point. Explore the possibilities of incorporating new styles of yoga into your own. Seek out gurus that you connect with in your area and if necessary, make the effort to travel to them.

3. Practice Outside. Take advantage of the summer season, when many studios offer outdoor classes. Plop your mat down in the park and meditate on the feeling of grass beneath your feet and breeze against your skin.

4. Be More Outgoing. If you see someone interesting or notice your neighbor reading one of your favorite books, do not hesitate to chat with him or her about it. Smile at strangers: they may be the gateway to your new, localized, enlightened clan.

5. Open Your Creative Channels. Make time for projects that interest you and feed your joy and passions. Read books by Sark. Learn not to judge success in terms of financial profit. Wear bright colors and bindis; embrace any strange or curious looks you receive!

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