Wanderlust Teacher Training: The Privilege of This Path

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Your yoga practice is evolving every day. You’ve fallen in love with (insert favorite pose here) and you finally nailed a headstand. Your teacher has become someone you look up to for thoughtfully choreographed postures and inspirational wisdom. You felt your mind get rocked, your hips open up; you’re more in tune with your senses, have a fascination with breath, think more about what you consume, and you want to share yoga with everyone. You’ve noticed a building inner whisper say, “Hey, this is special, I wanna teach yoga!”

Whether you’re an aspiring yoga teacher, want to integrate yoga into your current career, or simply deepen your personal practice, there’s a ton of trainings to choose from these days. With a wide range of styles, teachers and locations, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the right one for you.

I just spent the last few months working on my music module section, “Sequence to Sound,” for the Wanderlust Teacher Training. It was an honor to participate and particularly gratifying to share my contribution amongst the other uniquely specialized perspectives that my peers brought to the training, knowing that these pieces are all inextricably woven into the deep and expansive fabric of modern day yoga. There is more freedom these days to weave our passions and inherent skills into the way we teach. Yet doing it well and in a way that makes sense, while still honoring the traditions of yoga, is a skill that only a solid training can provide.

As I recently sat for an entire weekend with the teachers who will be leading the trainings or have contributed to the manual, I felt the privilege of this path. We came together, met one another and reviewed the plethora of insightful information that is the core of this training. It was touching to sit amongst others who have made this practice such a significant part of their lives, just as I have. I felt completely engaged as we shared from a collective space of diverse knowledge and expertise, both as a student and teacher. We educated one another, sat in meditation, chanted mantras, discussed anatomy and sequencing, told stories about our respective journeys, and walked through the training manual module by module to deepen our understanding of what we are creating together. It excited me that this training, filled with so much passion and care, would soon be launched into the world in multiple locations, tailored by such an enriched community and led by people who live and breathe the teachings. I personally walked away that weekend super charged up to be a yoga teacher, inspired to dive deeper into the practice and fine-tune some of the teachings I learned along the way.

As teachers, we have the potential to create an experience that touches upon the mental, physical and energetic aspects of being in our bodies. Since much of our teaching style comes from our own experiences, students should choose a training that will leave them feeling more embodied, more confident in their own voice and more informed about the many layers of yoga. Ideally, when we invest our time into something this substantial, we want to walk away transformed on a deep level.


2288 ~With nearly 20 years of a personal yoga practice and strong influences ranging from Ana Forrest and Anusara to Kundalini and 5 Rhythms dance, Aarona Pichinson found her home within the playful and intelligent flow of Kula Yoga Project in NYC. Her classes infuse a range of movement disciplines grounded in a steady alignment-based Vinyasa style, encouraging students to be more in tune with the strength of their body, the brilliance of their breath, the spontaneous nature of well-being, and the intuitive power of feeling their senses. She is the founder/producer of 'Yoga Soundscape' – an experience that engulfs you in a live music and sound concert as you’re guided through an inspiring and thoughtfully orchestrated yoga practice. Within Yoga Soundscape, Aarona shares her love of and the powerful impact of music and sound on the body/mind/spirit connection. Find out more here: www.yogaofnourishment.com

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