Wanderlust Colorado | From Woodstock to Wanderlust with Dr. Ron Alexander and Shiva Rea

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by Tali Koziol

"It's unnatural for people to not come together" - Shiva Rea

What an amazing opportunity to hear from Dr. Ron Alxeander and Shiva Rea this morning. I had never thought of Wanderlust being like Woodstock however, as Dr. Ron put it...it is the refinement of Woodstock. 

The Woodstock Festival is often credited as one of the first moments that yoga became engrained in America. However, it was yoga in a more primitive form than what we know now. Focusing more on Pranayama and the possibilities of getting "stoned" off yoga. Nowadays the yoga high is rarely discussed and almost taboo. 

Shiva and Dr. Ron walked us through the evolution and how today's blend of yoga in it's many flavors and music is so natural. That we come together as tribe to learn, to be together and to delve deeper.  We spend our days coming together in a discplined practice of yoga. Then our nights are spent cultivating what we've learned into the evolution of our spirit. 

Not only does this opportunity allow us to braoden our tribe but we come together through travel and to meet those who are normally far away. We get outside our own practice, outside the usual way of doing things and we embrace uncertainty and exposure to something new.

It's the spirit to practice, to dance, to go inward so that we can have more meaningful experiences that keeps us coming back together. Forever wandering, forever gathering. 


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