Wanderlust Colorado | Wake-up Call with Shiva Rea

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By Tali Koziol

If you want to kick off your Wanderlust experience right, Shiva Rea’s class is a great place to start! Complete with moving meditation and deliberate, decadent flow, Shiva’s “Rhythmic Vinyasa- Syncing with The Natural Pulse” was a delicious way to dive into the day.

The class was two hous but it seemed to fly by. When you’re in a room of kindred spirits time can disappear. Much of that comes from Shiva’s natural way of making everyone feel comfortable in her class. Shiva creates tribe, community, kula. She has a gift of brining everyone inward, into their own heartbeat. From there she guides you to see how your heartbeat resonates with music, rhythm, and the sounds of those around you.

After two beautiful moving meditations, complete with shaker eggs and dance, the practice shifted to our mats.  This All Levels practice was my favorite style of vinyasa - slow, rich, mindful, and deliberate. Shiva’s way of cueing movement and awareness allows you the opportunity to go inward. Using your heartbeat and breath as a guide. All the time you’re also noticing how the breath and heartbeat of the tribe move as one.

I loved how the practice moved from simple to more complex, moving deeper and deeper with every Namaskar.  Shiva’s sequence is a little bit sneaky. She really gets you working and trying asana that is outside your comfort zone but you wouldn’t know it. Her sequencing takes you past your edge of comfort. She’s brilliant. Make sure to catch one of her classes this weekend. 
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