Wanderlust Colorado | Vinyasa Forever with Schulyer Grant

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by Tali Koziol

Last year one of my favorite classes at Wanderlust Squaw Valley was the Teacher’s Study with Schuyler Grant so I hopped at the chance to attend her “Vinyasa Forever” practice at Copper Mountain.  Schuyler combined two of my favorite elements of yoga – a sustainable practice and workshopping asana.

As a teacher and a student I am drawn to the yoga practice that relies on deliberate movement and alignment so that you can practice for a lifetime.  It’s not uncommon that we rely on momentum to get us from one pose to the next.  Schuyler has a wonderful way of drawing attention towards anatomical cues; asking us to move in ways that are efficient, guiding the body deliberately rather than force.

Schuyler also gave us the luxury of workshopping the poses, specifically breaking them down and getting into the poses with great awareness. She also shook things up a little, not merely going towards when the alignment is right but also taking us into common mis-alignments so we can feel the difference.

Schulyer brings a wonderful gift to Wanderlust…the gift of a sustainable practice. After all yoga is not only for the young and flexible, it’s for everybody and  every body.





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