Wanderlust Colorado | Rod Stryker: Tradition: Modern Yoga’s Missing Treasure or Obsolete Relic?

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By Tali Koziol

This was my second time seeing Rod Stryker and he continues to amaze me. If you've read his book "The Four Desires", you know this man is full of wisdom. However, wisdom is limited if it can't be shared. Lucky for us, Rod is one of those people who can actually make ancient principles and ideas tangible. His appearance this afternoon in the Speakeasy proved that. 

Rod took on the somewhat controversial topic of the place of Tradition in contemporary yoga. Yep, not an easy topic for a short period of time.

Rod addressed the issue can you have a yoga practice without asana and it's opposing question, can you have an asana practice without yoga? Even better than diving into these questions was the manner in which Rod shares his thoughts. Fully approachable and without the feeling of being lectured or told what to believe. He simply invites you to listen. 

Rod also brought in the idea of knowing our teachers. Can someone truly be a yoga teacher if they don't embody a yoga practice complete with meditation? Often times it is possible to find that our yoga teachers are actually asana instructors. We may find that people who are teaching asana in a revoutionary way do not have a lineage rooted in yoga. 

Do you know your teacher's teacher? What about their teacher? Do you know the lineage and does it resonate with you? Does your teacher steer you towards your own power or away from it?

I walked out of the Speakeasy with possibly more questions than answers. However, this is why I love Rod. I personally believe a good teacher always leaves you with answers that feed a deeper inquisition. Rod is definitely a good teacher. Make sure to spend some time with him this weekend. 

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