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by Tali Koziol

One of my favorite things about Wanderlust is that it feels like Summer Camp! We get to bask in days filled with yoga, music, yummy food, friends, and time to play! Then we get to fall asleep, wake up and do it all over again! 

Just like Summer Camp there is always an adventure around each corner. Whether it's meeting new friends, connecting with new communities and vendors or flowing with amazing asana each moment is something special. For me thee moments build on each other to pull me outside of my comfort zone. After all, it's not each day that I get to practice with so many different teachers, learning different styles, and doing things in new ways. 

Another way to get outside my comfort zone is to hang out in the slackline and hooping playground. If you've never tried the slackline or haven't hooped since you were kid, this is the time. Remember when you used to try anything, worrying less about if you'll succeed and more about having fun? This is your chance to come back to that. 

Pick up the Hoop with the folks at Hoopnotica and see how long you can keep the hoop spinning. Maybe it's ten seconds, maybe it's ten minutes. Just try, smile, laugh, let it fall and repeat. 

If balance is your game, the slackline is for you. Check out guided sessions with the YogaSlackers or stop by and try your hand...um..foot at balance. Even if you fall, the ground is not far away and you can get up and try again. 

It's to harness your passion for playing. Try new things, smile often, laugh hard.

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