Wanderlust Colorado | Mythic Yoga Lounge

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by Tali Koziol
During a rainy Saturday afternoon in Copper Mountain it was wonderful to enter the Mythical Yoga Lounge. A room filled with people pausing from the asana practice and outside world to come inside and settle in the beautiful Luna lounge and listen to myths as told by Sianna Sherman, MC Yogi, and Amanda Giacomini.
Some of the most beautiful yoga classes come from a gorgeous universal theme that is shared in a way that feels personal, as though it was created just for us. That is the beauty of myth. As our story tellers said, "You are every character in the story". Myth allows us the opportunity to see our selves in each character, the protagonist, the antagonist, and everyone else. Myth allows us to see elements of ourselves and results of our actions in a more objective way.
Myths are not limited to how we see ourselves but they also answer timeless questions and serve as a compass to each generation. Myths take our community and tribal guidelines for morality and tell them in a way that is fantastical and engaging. Myths are told in different ways, different words, by our storytellers and sometimes they stay with us. 
Amanda, Sianna, and MC Yogi work together in collaboration to tell the great tales, the great myths. To bring us into a realm of amazing, find our universal truths, and see them within ourselves. When told in this manner, the myths stay with you. What a treat!

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