Wanderlust Colorado | Mystic on the Mat with Seane Corn

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by Tali Koziol

If you've never practied with Seane, Wanderlust is an amazing chance to do so. Seane is known for her commitment to Seva and to community, so practicing in such a space of tribe with Seane  is a treat. 

In the Saturday morning class, Mystic on the Mat, Seane opened with a wonderful talk on the power of bringing prayer and intention into the yoga practice. Moving through each asana and breath with purpose. It's not uncommon for us to hear the word "mindful" in the yoga community but Seane continues to challenge how we move mindfully. When practicing with her, you are constantly invited into a pratice of mindful devotion. 

Another beautiful element is how Seane leads the community through the familiar asana, the master poses, while incorporating cues to come inward in a new way. Reminders to send your practice to someone you love, to move with courage, and to act out of love rather than fear. 

Make sure to check out class with Seane and come back into yourself so you can radiate out strength, love, and service. 

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